Rally racing is a type of Motorsport run on closed road sections. Rally is conducted on different surfaces from snow to gravel to tarmac and everything in between. The cars race against the clock and not head-to-head. There is a driver and co-driver in each vehicle and the cars have to be road legal. The racing sections are called Special Stages and are closed to all non-rally traffic. Stages are anywhere from 5 to 20 miles or more.

Rally racing is considered by many to be the oldest form of auto racing. In fact, the first ever contested automobile competition was a rally held on July 22, 1894. Modern competitive rally racing has come a long way in 125 years. It is still a place for car manufacturers to prove their design prowess, but now the driver must be equally proficient. They push these cars to the limit, often achieving speeds above 80mph on gravel and other loose surfaces while executing jumps, tight cornering, aggressive braking and acceleration.

Rally is diverse. Races can be on public roads only that was shut down for a race, happen exclusively off-road. Entrants compete to see who can complete the stage the quickest, and a race can either be a single-day event, or a multiple-day event that tests both driver 온라인경마 skill and endurance. The sport is a glorious, lovely thing, all noise and violence and sliding sideways between trees at 100 mph. The winner is the most skilled driver who gets away without crashing, highly technical driving skills required for rally.

Rally drivers are regarded as some of the most versatile drivers in the world of motorsports as they drive on pavement, gravel, mud, snow, and ice, in all seasons and conditions throughout a championship. Rally co-drivers have an equal part in getting the car to the end of rally. They read the route book, the stage notes, and any pace notes. Co-drivers are making sure that the team checks in at all time controls on the route on time.

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